As I adjust my proverbial granny panties typing this, I long for the days of simplicity, morals and the sense of community we seem to be lacking. Sociopaths are popular. Calling people out online is a favorite past time that devolves us back into the era of the witch hunts. The fascinating world of the Internet tricks us into believing we actually know the people we interact with. We are roped into taking sides on things knowing only one side of the story. People are tried and convicted within hours, after a couple of rounds of informative post sharing on social media, even if the truth is buried deep in grains of salt.

How much more can our subcultures take? Why would anyone think that posting about their personal relationships to shame their ex is the cool thing to do. Posting screen shots of private conversations, is dreadful enough. But someone then turning around and making that screen shot into a gig sized poster and hanging them around town. What the fuck is this person thinking? This just screams of an attention seeking shit disturber with some self esteem issues. Luckily, a call to Richard the Poster Guy to have his team cover or remove these posters will hopefully erase this cruel deed quickly. I barely know the people involved. A vulgar bullyish display.

It feels like the armchair online world has become a giant version of the National Enquirer. Everything is peddled as the most outrageous, trendy hype machine. This includes rock shows these days.

Promoters are gushing about bands that don’t give a shit enough to even share their gig on social media. I’m actually pleased this week that contrary to the apathetic norm, there are bands with some pride celebrating their creative wares, and urging your attendance at an upcoming show.

Promoters have become like carnival barkers. You can just start labeling all gigs with a sample of any of the 4 food groups. A trend to make everything seem more exciting perhaps. People also like drugs. How about Meth Fest, Cocaine Chaos or a Heroin Hootenany? Maybe I’m just resistant to the trendy times. Does everything need exaggeration and embellishment? Is a simple local show now seen as extinct as the dinosaur? When I post a complicated relationship with my cat or the word ‘bacon’ as an update on Facebook, that receives more hype than local gigs. Yeah, I think I’m worried about my livelihood imploding. I need to find a way for local music to survive this apathy without the absurdity.

Rod Rooker out of DV8 Edmonton is resorting to collecting peoples recyclables to try to keep his live music venue going. I can’t wait to hear all the lamentations on Facebook when more of your favorite subculture spots die a lonely, under-attended death.

Not sure how much longer many venues across Canada, experiencing these same epidemic, low turnout conditions can survive. Has the abundance of entertainment available to people on their couch deemed this sector of the music business obsolete?

Sadly, this is not restricted to live music venues. Our record stores are closing. Scrape had so much hubbub surrounding its impending doom online, yet all the declarations to save it never moved past peoples couches. Horses records is done soon and now, Hits and Misses at 2629 East Hastings made their announcement. Your newest subculture record store will be packing it in mid September. Get in there while you can to help Pete out with some sales so he at least breaks even, if that’s even possible anymore with the exorbitant costs of living and doing business in the city. No, I’m not breaking up with Vancouver, I feel like breaking up with apathetic people. Like my relationship with my cat the Houdster, it’s complicated.