It’s been a sad month for the heavy music community. March brought us the loss of Stefan Nevatie and Todd Serious all in one weekend. Stefan was a longtime metal scene member. He was a guitar player in over a dozen bands around B.C. and forayed into punk also. My first experience with him was in the death metal band Myopia around Y2K. My other faves were Self Regime and Cum Soc. He was a kind, thoughtful, kinda quiet dude. I loved his semi-headbanging affirmative tic when he’d listen to you talk. Maybe that’s why he was perceived as a most agreeable fellow. He was a longtime busser at the Cobes and Asbalt. We are doing a memorial show at Funky’s on Friday April 3rd to raise money to help his family with funeral costs. Many thanks in advance to the bands and peeps who are playing and have donated goods and services for the raffle we have planned. He sadly passed away after a lifelong battle from Diabetes 1 related complications.
Todd Serious left us in a rock climbing accident in Red Rock Canyon, Nevada. It’s rare that someone goes out on their own terms doing something they loved. Todd was a man of noble convictions with the actual follow through lifestyle to match. I respect that immensely. He lived his lyrics. It’s certainly scarce in this world of hypocrites. There is an online GoFundMe to raise funds for his family.

The business of death. A real monetary hardship for their loved ones these days. Please kick in if you can. They will both be fondly remembered and missed.

What I’ve also lost in the month of March is any time in my life for phony, two-faced internet morons. Who in the hell has time on their hands to create fake events for someone’s workplace? I politely asked them to remove my venue from said Facebook event and was met with a bunch of insults and slagging. Some guy I had never met started excerpting snippets from my public status updates in an attempt to make fun of me. Another person was mimicking my capslock Facebooking with untrue facts about the demise of the Cobes. A current promoter of the slumpire stated that the building has no bearing on the hypocrisy of the P.C. music mob sleeping with the enemy. So let’s just pretend the downtrodden of the DTES and myself are not and have not been exploited and abused by these despicable landbarons? I guess she is lucky to have some sort of rose colored glasses buffer between her employment and the seeping rot at the top. I fought back which ultimately led to my eviction. Others are not as lucky to escape.

Some of the people taking part in the supposed hysterics were acquaintances that had utilized my promotional services over the last 15 years. People who I had actually done favors for, such as putting their band on a requested big dream show, or helping raise money for their endeavors. Not sure what I did to inspire their wrath but if you find out let me know. There is a whole pack of people out there that seem to have some grinding beef against me or Funky Winkerbeans. Perplexing. There has to be some action or slight that is more then just letting a band of longtime community supporters with an un P.C. band name play there. It’s not like any of the heavy music subculture genres band names or lyrics are any less shocking. Death, war, sin, murder, political and historical madness and massacres, I think it’s all covered.

Get your shit together Vancouver. This gutless, anonymous, whispered segregation bollocks is borderline ridiculous already. Crawl out of your mother’s basement internet trollers. Volunteer, support the music, and put yourself into positive action instead of having negative, bullying, mouthy, keyboard fingers.