Now it has been said that the world goes round on the certainty of life equaling death and taxes…. With America’s extremist left and right wings going at it heavily politically, they sure picked the right time of year for a rumble…Sun entering Scorpio….Halloween being the time of year when spirits are said to be the closest… The change of season…. Malaise affecting most people as the suns rays of the day become shorter… As I peruse Facebook’s newsfeed it just abounds with general bitterness…sarcasm and illness… Time for everyone to grab one of those Seasonally Affective Disorder lamps I suppose…

My thoughts go out to Jaron Evil of Archspire and his family and friends as he recently had a serious medical incident … I hope for a speedy recovery for him so that the band can continue on their wicked path of extreme metal… It really makes you stop and think of the fragility of human life when a problem with the flow of one’s blood can have such a profound effect on such a young and otherwise super healthy human….

When I look around at some of the characters in the music business that were and are completely reckless and hard living, it makes you wonder if a good liver pickling is actually healthier in the long run…. You think to yourself how is so and so still walking the earth when the people that take care of themselves are the ones being tormented by health issues…

In my personal experience I was less healthy in my life when I was full of piss and vinegar in my dramatic cancer battle 20’s… Now that I’m creeping 50, the things that used to bug me just don’t anymore…. Maybe that’s the secret to longevity…not giving a fuck about nonsense! It doesn’t mean I don’t care about issues facing the world …It just means for instance that I don’t care if someone types in capslock or spells whichever version of ‘there’ wrong…. Unnecessary stress is a soul killer!

I had a recent experience where I had a serious backwards boozy spill onto my head and back…. It hurt like hell and really made me think about my health for the first time in a long time… I think I took more Advil in September than I’ve taken in my whole life….Gawd pharmaceuticals are gross….Glad that’s over… I have to remember I’m not a spring chicken anymore….Even a cold seems to take longer to get over even with massive doses of Echinacea and Oil of Oregano….

October 29th marked the 5 year anniversary of the Decapitated tour bus tragedy that claimed the life of their drummer Vitek…Upcoming on Friday November 23rd at Thrashers, my friend Andrea of Infidel Entertainment is throwing a benefit to raise money to aid the severely injured Decapitated singer Covan who is still recovering….All proceeds are going to help with Covan’s care as he struggles to get better and his family hopes for him to sing again one day…

Glad to see Gwar is back in the saddle full throttle after the untimely tragic loss of their brother Cory Smoot last winter… They hit Vancouver with their new guitar player, Pustulus Maximus, named in honor of Cory’s character on Monday November 12th at the Vogue Theatre….

I’ve always loved that our subculture rallies around our peeps that are hit with sudden unfortunate circumstances whether it be house fires…stolen gear…or medical emergencies… I’m wishing all bands safe tour journeys and hope everyone finds something to be chipper about regardless of the rainy season that’s upon us….

And the shows must go on….