So as much as I think technology is amazing for networking, it also has its drawbacks…. Do people even talk on the phone now? I can’t say that I’ve booked more than 5% of all the shows I do by a phone call… Even email is on the decline in that aspect… Now I must say Zuckerberg has something going here with facebook for networking… But here’s where it gets fuzzy….

Now I’m the type of person that will tell you the facts to your face as much as I will behind a keyboard… Apparently, someone has taken exception and flagged multiple status updates on my timeline…. I’ve even received some chiding on my supposed ‘I should know better’ behaviour from a person through the messaging system… Now how is sharing a real life experience because I thought it was amusing, turn into being vilified enough to have the facebook cops on the case…. Bizarre…

Since I’ve had facebook and living the kind of infamous life I do I’ve had a lot of curious contact with people that I would never have had before this technology became so mainstream…. A few of the instances have been borderline creepy, as in a guy that wanted to know what colour of dress I would prefer that he wear and a gal who wanted opinions on if a wearing a corset to a show needs heels or flats and then asked me if I needed a maid…. Ummm ok…I told her combat boots by the way!…. That’s just the tip of the iceberg, let alone having a public telephone number laced with intermittent crank calls and weird text messages….

Then we have the standard chewing out by the denied entry ‘behavioral problem’ people who beg to come back and when you say ‘no’ proceed to verbally assault you with a menagerie of name calling… Or the keyboard bravado brigade who say something disparaging about the venue and when you call them on it, they never answer and then delete you and the thread…. I confront people when I’ve discovered their erroneous quips online…This one band posted on Yelp about their experience playing for me with a gaggle of untruths… I messaged them saying ‘what the fuck was that about’ and was told their singer was hacked?!… I’ve never heard from them again…Hmmmmm really?

It’s one thing when a person or group actually has the guts to be identified, but when it’s an alias you really have to wonder…. I was watching Hockey Central yesterday and they mentioned that the players seemed unprofessional for tweeting negativity about the lockout… I suppose that is what the person messaging me about airing the venues laundry on facebook was getting at… But really? Here are a bunch of guys who love their job, discouraged that someone is affecting their livelihood, simply expressing themselves…. just as I was expressing my bewilderment by people’s reactions towards myself and my duty to having a safe and reliable venue…

I originally joined facebook 5 years ago to play Scrabble…I then discovered its usefulness as a way to get the word out about gigs…. I find the setup is way more efficient than myspace ever was….And It’s a cost effective tool for those that are on a D.I.Y. budget… I don’t think Thrashers would have survived these beginning years without it, having only a hundred dollars a month for an advertising budget which automatically went to the monthly gig listings poster…. Ironically, that is how I started back at the Columbia in 1999 was with the monthly poster…..Back to square one… At least, pros or cons, music networking has come a long way!