So I’m happy to report that I had a meeting with the dudes from Fortune Sound Club and the owner has made me his ‘punk rock girl’ as he put it… So what does this mean for Vancouver you wonder….How about even more dirt cheap punk shows!! There will also be some metal ones we’ll be working on…. I’m very excited for this opportunity as it’s a terrific room with a great sound system…. The staff also kick ass and the shows such as OFF! … FUCKED UP and the DWARVES were super wicked… They are committed to keeping the door price low and sponsor the shows by picking up most of the bands guarantee! I’m really looking forward to bringing more shows your way with this collaboration between No Bollocks and Fortune Sound Club…

In other news I’m kind of on a precipice of pins and needles hoping the new owner of the Palace Hotel lets our new management renew the lease for Funkys….Otherwise I guess plan B will have me taking over yet another skidbar down the street and rising from the dead like the Stefano Dimera of hardcore…. We’re not sure if it’s a corporation that has bought out the receivership or according to the Carnegie Community Watch peeps they figure it’s a new corporate entity fronting for the former slumlord…. Either way, what an ordeal of uncertainty yet again! Good thing I have high dice rolls in constitution…. I’ve lost count of the number of times John the soundguy and I have carted our gear back and forth from venue to venue…. Good times… Between the city bylaw closures and slumlord/yuppster usurping we’ve grown quite a thick skin and survive like the vermin infested hovels we’ve dwelt in! If you love the room or hate it I’m just grateful we have a place to gig! Never say die!

Anyhow if shit changes with Thrashers I’ll let you know on facebook and with a poster campaign …. I’m hoping the new owners are not a group of gentrifiers that don’t give a shit about the SRO tenants that occupy the upstairs of the building…. And you’d think that they would want the building to still be yielding an income instead of going dark…. I know the bar lease cash would certainly cover their mortgage payment while they figure out their plans for the future…. What this means is whether it’s sooner or later the fate of Thrashers will eventually be sealed…. Hard not to imagine that’s the case with the legions of nimby yuppies moving into and developing the area with their new arty businesses….

I really hope the Cultural Development section of City Hall will hold true to their word about cutting the Arts community some slack going forward…. I’m attending a meeting on June 28th to see what’s up… After the Cobes ended I applied for a spot which the City said was improperly zoned for a venue in a wicked industrial area just south of where the Cobes was … It was perfect with no nimbys or residential tenants anywhere near it….The city saying no really pissed me off… It is now a ‘studio’ that holds regular shows …. Next I offered up the old Loggers Social Club as an option…..Again the City had a ‘do not occupy’ on it so again the answer was no….That has since been purchased by the Portland Housing Society and still sits vacant…SIGH…. Serves me right for always wanting to hold the bag on the ‘legal’ music venue…

Anyhow there is a lot to look forward to coming up…Oi Polloi – Speedwolf – S.N.F.U – the Meatmen – Down By Law….. Those are just a few of the mostly old skool shows this summer… Rarrrrr!!!! Carrying on carrying on!